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Our team at S.R. Jackson understand the importance of proper site preparation for any construction project, particularly for pavement. The site preparation should include excavation, compaction, and grading to ensure that surface water flows appropriately. If the grading is not done correctly, the pavement may require significant repairs in the future. Our team with its many years of experience, recognize the importance of a well-prepared site and can do the job right the first time.

In terms of grading services, S.R.Jackson takes a comprehensive approach that covers rough and fine grading to meet local and state regulations, grubbing and land clearance to remove roots, rocks, and debris, site preparation for stability and compaction before pavement installation, demolition and excavation of any previous pavement, large objects, or structures, compaction through multiple rolls to eliminate excess air and water from the sub-base, undercutting, and the use of geo grids to firm up soft spots in the sub-base, and drainage assurance to maintain correct elevation and stormwater retention.

Why is Proper Grading and site preparation so important?

The importance of grading and site prep in pavement projects cannot be overstated. Water is the primary cause of damage to pavement, and proper grading/earthwork is essential to ensure that water flows off the pavement in a controlled manner, without pooling. Failure to grade a pavement project correctly can result in cracks, heaving, potholes, and sinkholes.

Grading is especially critical at transitions where the pavement project meets existing pavements such as a street, sidewalk, or driveway. These transitions must control water flow and ensure a smooth transition between surfaces, without creating a bump or trip hazard.

Grading and site prep is a fundamental component of any pavement project as it ensures efficiency and effectiveness in the long run. It is vital to pay attention to grading during the planning and execution phases of a pavement project to avoid costly repairs in the future.

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