Asphalt Contractor Washburn, TX

In Washburn, TX, S.R. Jackson Construction is the most respected asphalt paving company.  We have a wealth of experience, with over 20 years of creating paved spaces up to Texas state standards. We always work with integrity and build our paving solutions to last and save you money. Our highly-skilled paving contractors have worked with Texas municipal, industrial, residential, and commercial property owners to beautify and upgrade their properties with parking lot paving, line striping, asphalt repair, sealcoating, site preparation, and more.

Quality Asphalt Paving in Washburn, TX


  • With extensive expertise in installing paved surfaces, we adhere to the rigorous engineering standards and regulations set by local municipalities and the state of Texas.
  • As a family-owned and operated paving company, SR Jackson Construction guarantees to build any house pad, slab, parking lot, driveway, miscellaneous concrete items, or otherwise like we would for our extended family.
  • We work within your desired timeline and offer flexible pricing options, demonstrating our commitment to delivering a seamless and satisfactory experience.

Explore Scenic Washburn, Texas

Nestled in Armstrong County, TX, Washburn is a quaint and unincorporated community once part of the renowned JA Ranch established in 1876. With an estimated population of 120 in 2000, Washburn thrives as part of the vibrant Amarillo Metropolitan Statistical Area and is served by the Panhandle and Sante Fe Railways. The community preserves its old-world charm with a lumber yard, a general store, and two saloons that harken back to its rich history.

The best thing about the Washburn area is the Houghton Falls Nature Preserve, a vast nature and wildlife area open to the public for hiking, swimming, and enjoying Texas’ natural beauty. For a deeper understanding of the area’s heritage and the pivotal role of ranchers, the Washburn Historical Museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Visit South Shore Brewery and Shark Beach Burgers to savor the local flavors. These unique establishments provide a taste of Washburn’s distinctive culinary offerings, allowing visitors to indulge in the authentic essence of the community.

Embrace the tranquil charm of Washburn, Texas, as you explore its natural wonders, delve into its captivating history, and savor the local delights that make this community truly special.

Completed Commercial Paving Project – Washburn, TX

In Washburn, our team recently completed a new project of a commercial property. We patched, filled potholes, improved water flow and paved a new section of parking lot. Details to come.

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